We have investments in the education sector whereby we offer business advice for setting up schools in the pre-construction phases. In addition to managing schools on behalf of other clients we also build our own schools and education centres with our main interest in the Middle East. We are also able to finance school projects on a co-partner basis.

Facility Management & Associates

Contra has various stakes in companies which specialize in building maintenance or building services. They can provide small-scale and quick maintenance services via a team of engineers and qualified technicians. Some examples include internal and external flooring, painting, gypsum works, building approvals, waterproofing and extension work. Other services include providing gas, chilled water and bill/collection services. These stakes are spread over three companies, each with separate management and vision.


We have a number of stakes in companies which operate in the construction field. We have stakes in two MEP and construction companies where our focus is to service our main client list and to help companies to expand further outside their current geographical area .In addition to this we have stakes in Project management companies with a focus on Design Management, Construction Management and Cost Management. At the moment each company operates separately with its own management/founders vision. We aim to expand this field in each separate company, with a vision to incorporate all our construction investments under one holding group.

Saving Energy

We have number of companies which invest in energy engnieering. Contra offer energy services related to electormechincal services and renewable energy solutions, with an aim to reduce the associated operational expenses and energy bills of buildings, in specific HVAC and elecritcity consumption. Our main focus is GCC, with expectional cases worldwide, we provide our clients in implemanting the full solution. We handle the design, sourcing, installation, as well as measurement and verification of all energy efficient retrofit improvements. We also provide funding solutions and advisory assessments of a buildings energy efficiency. Our track record contains a number of projects fully implemented and operated in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, with a vision to expand this further in the nighbouring countries and worldwide.


We have minor investments in satellite solutions which specialise in Up-linking/down-linking, Managing TV channels on behalf of third parties, Internet connectivity, Managing content/services IP TV and selling/buying satellite capacity, mainly in the Middle East. We are aiming to expand this part of our business via acquiring other similar service providers who share the same vision in Europe or Northern America.

Security Military

We have a range of companies which focus on providing security solutions for government bodies and official authorities. Such businesses involve selling CCTV, Command/control applications and solutions, Security/building management solutions, Manned guarding, Training and other applications, with a main focus on the Middle East market.

Financial Services

We have main strategic stakes in three companies with headquarters in Europe and sub-offices in the Middle East who operate in Forex/CFD, Financial advisory servicing, Debt financing, and Raising capital. Their vision is to complement other operational companies who work within the same sector to create a special financial instrument for future expansion. They also aim to service our other strategic partners or clients who want to take advantage of our expertise in this field. In addition to this we have other minor investments in Virtual card payment services and Bills/collection in the Middle East.


Contra has diversified investments in the technology sector. We own and operate a number of companies, mainly in Europe, which serve in Logistics, Payment solutions and Information. Our primary goal is to expand and grow existing companies through strategic acquisitions but also to execute the right exit strategies.

Real Estate

We have a range of properties across the UAE, UK, Egypt and Jordan that we have either constructed or bought directly and offer for lease. In addition we have a list of land which we rent to third parties for agricultural purposes. Typically we invest in residential/commercial buildings with 50+. Furthermore Contra develops and refurbishes properties which we then sell to third parties via one of our active subsidiaries, with a main interest in the UK and with a main focus on outlays between 3m – 12m USD.