INVESTMENT Building Relationships And Finding Opportunity.


We typically invest in profitable companies who have already passed their break-even point and have a prospective EBIDTA in the area of 1m USD annually and up to 10m USD annually. We prefer to access opportunities which have zero debt or any other financial obligation with an exception to view certain opportunities to which we believe we can offer a financial solution.


As we sometimes don’t invest in companies directly we help companies to join into our partners platform and get access to the number of clients we currently servicing in more than 12 countries worldwide and servicing more than 250 active client , via leveraging your entity into our list of partners you will take advantage to grow your business rapidly and to be qualified at some point to take advantage of our Financial solutions which can be provided in case by case basis where it enable your company to expand further.



We either invest in companies which is already making and generating money while we do believe in their future for further expansion, such investment usually qualified as a strategic investment where we will implement our expert in further developing the company at the most cost effective business model. Yet we further help the company to raise further investment if we believe they needed such further expansion.


Secondly we can co-invest or co-partner with your company where you will have the lead of transaction or investment and we will incorporate and co-invest or co-partner with you. For further information please contact us to give you access of our list of available opportunities.